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InBright 5mm Multi Color Lamp LED Series Red

InBright 5mm Multi Color Lamp LED Through Hole LED Lamps series.High Performance with Superior Quality. Compact Size Low Power Consumption, Multi Color Available.High Performance with Superior Quality.

Product Specification:

  • InBright 5mm Multi Color Lamp LED
  • Viewing Angle 40°
  • Certificate Rohs,REACH
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Through Hole LED Lamps series.High Performance with Superior Quality.InBright 5mm Multi Color Lamp LED

InBright 5mm Multi Color Lamp LED

This series benefit from a package design with wide viewing angle which is optimized for light coupling by inter reflector. This feature makes this series ideal for light pipe application. The low current requirement makes this device ideal for portable equipment or any other application where power is at a premium

Optical indicator.
Wide viewing angle.
Available on tape and reel.
ESD protection
The product itself will remain within RoHS,Reach compliant version.

Automotive Illumination
Agriculture Lighting
Signal Luminaries for orientation marker lights
Entertainment Lighting
Decorative and Entertainment Lighting

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