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What is the black phenomenon of patch led

0 2018-08-16 10:58:27

Q: our company recently purchased a new batch of leds, the aging test shows that there is no problem, but customers to use, find some leds light up in a few minutes, there is not bright, a portion of the patch is not bright light-emitting diodes (leds) and surface black, what reason is this excuse me? How should the rectification?

In the place of dongguan silver-sequined led manufacturer, the light-emitting diode on the patch is not bright, usually there are the following situations:

1. How about the quality of the laminated light-emitting diode itself, and whether the raw materials selected in the packaging process are qualified and replaced by cheap raw materials?

2. Check the serial and parallel mode of the patch light-emitting diode, and select whether the current size is within the tolerance range of the patch light-emitting diode.


3. During the welding process of the patch light emitting diode, check the thermal conductivity of the heat-conducting silicon grease and whether the coating method is correct.

4. How long it takes to buy the patch light-emitting diode, the lamp bead shall not be used for long from production, and the storage environment shall be checked if it meets the requirements of LED storage.

5. Whether there are problems in the packaging process, if the packaging process is not good, the chip will die and the chip will not light up.

Dongguan silver-sequined led manufacturer reminds you that you can check according to the above aspects to see where the problem is and then solve it one by one.If there are any questions or other related questions, please continue to consult the customer service staff of dongguan yinliang electronics.

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