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Wear LED Embedded Lighting Jacket for Safer Motorbike Ride

0 2019-03-11 09:27:24

LED integrated wearables are becoming more and more common in the modern society for various functions. Motorbike clothing manufacturer Held is cooperating with Osram to improve visibility on the road by launching motorbike clothing that can be retrofitted with LED light modules from Osram.Inbright 0807(2017).

The lighting modules developed by Osram can be integrated into the clothing through a fabric tube and connected to a rechargeable battery pack which riders can switch on the light easily. According to Osram, the light strips offer up to seven hours of active lighting in continuous operation (with a 4,000 mAh battery) with the LED light modules emitting white light at the front and red light at the back.

 Inbright 0807(2017)
(Image: Osram)

The design allows greater visibility and enhanced safety for motorcyclists during the night hours and in foggy and similar conditions. Equipped with integrated lighting, the jackets do not need incident light from other lighting source and thus improve road safety.

"Integrating textile lighting in motorbike clothing offers a completely new way to enhance safety in road traffic. Together with Held, we have developed an effective solution especially for motorbike clothing," says Stefan Hofmann, Head of the Smart Textile Illumination business unit at Osram.

Right on time for the motorbike season, Held is launching two motorbike jackets as well as a safety vest, which can be retrofitted simply by the motorcyclists themselves with actively illuminated light modules from Osram.

(Image: Osram)

Osram presented its light modules for textile lighting for the first time in 2016. The company continues the development with strict environment endurance test and plans to combine light modules with sensor technology as the next step.

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