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InBright teaches you how to distinguish the quality of the led patch

0 2018-08-16 10:58:28

For the manufacturer of LED finished lamps, in addition to choosing a good patch LED manufacturer, there is also the quality of LED patch.So how should we judge the quality of the led patch?


1. Lighting effect: the same power led patch, the higher the lighting effect, the higher the brightness.The smaller the power consumption, the more energy saving.The color temperature of same batch lamps and lanterns agrees better, the price is higher.

2. LED chip;The common brands are divided into three major groups: American and Japanese chips are of good quality and more expensive, Taiwan is next, and Chinese LED chips of lower quality and price.The key to LED chip of different quality is life, which is determined by light decay.Light decay small, long life, long life, high prices.The quality of the chip determines the brightness and dimness of the beads.Good beads are not only brighter but also less luminous.

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