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Water Disinfection using UV-C LED Applications

  • 0 2019-04-15 16:11:45

    According to LEDinside, the UV LED market value is expected to reach US$ 1.224 billion in 2022, with a 2017-2022 CAGR of 33 percent. Apart from the stable market of UV LED curing, the major growing momentum of UV LED comes from sterilization, including surface, static water and flowing water disinfection.


    UV-C LED is the core technology of these increasing applications. Ultraviolet light in the C spectrum with wavelengths between 200-280 mm is energy-rich and powerful to destroy harmful micro-organisms and thus can be used in disinfection.

    UV-C light eradicates bacteria and viruses by harming the molecules of DNA and RNA, damage the genetic information so that they lose the reproductive ability and are wiped out.

    UV-C LED is replacing mercury-based lamp in generating UV-C light for disinfection. Following the Minamata Convention on Mercury which aims to prevent the adverse effects of mercury on human health and the environment, mercury lamp manufacturing and trading will be banned from 2021. UV-C LED thus becomes more important in disinfecting applications.

    Water disinfection is one of the growing applications of UV-C LED. LEDinside noticed that house-based water purification system, water dispenser, kitchen water tap and baby formula milk maker are the four major applications for household water disinfection.

    Japan, US and many European countries where people drink water from the tap is the main market for house-based water purification. With UV-C LED equipped on the water tap, it can immediately sterilize both warm and cold water to improve the safety of drinking water. The water disinfection producers include Meisui, Panasonic, and Aizia.

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