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1206(3216)Multi-Color SMD LED

Illuminex, Inc., a business in Denver, CO, is proud to announce that they are now an official distributor of the Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights. These lights are the top rated grow light manufacturers for the hydroponics industry. The grow lights have been proven to be very popular.

Dennis Gronbeck from Illuminex, Inc. says: "LG LED Solutions Limited (also known as "Mars Hydro") is and has been the innovative leader of LED grow light manufacturing since 2009, who has successfully built a well-known and respected brand in the hydroponics industry. We are a self-independent company, which means the research, design, development, production and testing are all performed by our own team, who are extremely dedicated to the extraordinary products we provide."

Illuminex only offers products that meet a standard of quality that other companies simply cannot match. That being said, their prices are affordable, without the need for using gimmicks in order to get people interested in the products. This is a philosophy that has successfully carried the company since 2009.

The company shop's success and popularity comes from the fact that all their products are made of exceptional quality, while remaining of great value. They offer a range of different sizes and modules, so that people can purchase exactly what they actually need, regardless of their coverage area and how much control they want to have over their growing efforts. "From maximum performance, superior control and largest coverage area, you can choose from a wide variety of models and sizes we offer to fit every growers need," adds Dennis Gronbeck. "Check our products now to determine which model or Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights is best for your application or feel free to contact us anytime."

Illuminex, Inc., meanwhile, has been operating for over six years, during which time they have built an excellent reputation for providing high quality products at affordable prices. They see themselves not just as LED experts, but also as LED grow light experts. With a focus on customer service and attention, the company is setting itself apart by building a strong reputation.

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