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High Visibility LED Lights

0 2019-03-29 09:42:59

Nowadays,LED llight becoming more and more common.And the high visibility make it safe for people in the night.

People  from all over the world to attend this event and celebrate the birth of rock & roll and the 50's and 60's.  it's busy around here day and night. Over 800,000 people visit Reno for this event. It's a party that takes over the entire town. Whether you're going to be an attendee, a volunteer, a vendor, or a participant, there is an ever increasing need for safety when the crowds swell like this. See and be seen. Practice good safety habits. And we have some inexpensive LED lights that will meet your needs0603(1608) Multi-Color SMD Led

For your personal safety, we have quite an assortment of attachable LED lights. A safety vest is an option, but there are also quite a number of small, battery operated lights which can be attached to a handbag, backpack or even a zipper or button hole. You can even find little-LED lights for your pets. Colour code your party so you can identify each other even in the dark! The LED traffic baton comes in two sizes. There's an adult size and also a size that's perfect for youth. You can just imagine that with 800,000 visitors, you'll be seeing quite a few cars. They have to park somewhere. And because of the sheer volume, it's imperative to keep traffic moving in an orderly and safe fashion. There is the most popular red LED baton that is designed to attract attention with it's flashing red LED lights. There is also a combination red and green baton. Green for go and red for stop obviously. 

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