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Qingdao Jason Developed 3 Watt UV-C LEDs Lamp

0 2019-04-22 11:01:02

On 22st December 2017,their recent success on the 1 watt UVC LEDs Lamp development. In order to fulfill a large amount of requests for high power UVC LEDs lamp from the industry of water and air purification, Qingdao Jason has continued to put efforts on research of such high power UVC LEDs lamps. Today’s achievement is another big step forward. The 275nm UVC lamp was measured for optical power using calibrated integrated sphere´╝îthe total optical power of 3 Watt was measured at 3.6 A dc operation, the lifetime of the lamp is estimated to be about 5000 hrs. The current-power characteristic graph is shown in figure 1.

UV3535 LED
(Source: QingDao Jason Electric)

Bob Liang, the president of Qingdao Jason Ltd Co., said that successful development of 3 watt class high power 275nm UVC LEDs lamp will further make it possible for UVC LEDs lamp to replace conventional mercury UV lamp in the areas like industry water treatment and air purification, while bacterial control for the public areas such as shopping center, hospital, preliminary schools and commercial water drinking system is very meaningful.

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