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3528 SMD----Inbright SMD LED

0 2018-12-27 16:24:11

Safe to touch ---Inbright SMD LED

3528 SMD do not give off a lot of heat – you can safely touch them. Even so, the 60 LED p/m tape requires PCBs (printed circuit boards) at least 8mm wide, and the 120 LED p/m tape should use 2-ounce thickness PCBs. As long as your LED strips meet these minimum specifications, they can be simply installed anywhere because they have a sufficient heat sink not to require an additional aluminium extrusion.

There are many manufacturers of 3528 SMDs. Epistar-branded SMDs are extremely high quality and give you the brightest 3528 SMDs on the market. They offer excellent colour consistency and reliability, with a life of 50,000 hours at 70% output. Cheaper alternatives are less bright and less reliable, and are prone to colour inconsistencies within the reel and between reels.

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